About Legato

enduring: {ın’dʋrıŋ} [s.] lasting; permanent

comfort: {‘kʌmfərt} [i.] a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants,

with freedom from pain and anxiety.

Having been established in Istanbul in 1995, Legato has become an high-priority brand for the customers who choose comfort in trousers with its good quality and carefully-selected patterns.

Rigorous studies of the design team have made Legato a remarkable brand of unique style and sustainable comfort. Adapting a management style which is always open for improvement, Legato brand has a special place in the eyes of the customers thanks to its devoted team.

Having become a brand in a short period of time with 100% Turkish capital, Legato started to manufacture collections by expanding the product range as a result of the demands of its customers. The collections comprise of cotton pants, knitwear, t-shirts, shirts, coats and jackets. Adopting the principle of paying strict attention to each part of its collections like those of trousers, Legato is aiming to be among the brands that develop the trends in fashion sector with their collections.

Our fundamental principle is to meet the customer satisfaction with sustained comfort policy. Ten thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy our products by preferring our brand for years, are the clear evidence of our success in the industry. We aim to make our brand one of the leaders of the sector by carrying on our business with constant investments in order to provide the best products and services. Our principles, which have been maintained in achieving this goal are as follows: Sustained comfort, customer satisfaction, improvement and innovation, quality team, social responsibility, professional management mentality and sharing.